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Case Cover for Meizu M3s

Producto totalmente nuevo,Fabricada con los mejores materiales.Con el nuevo diseño de piel sintetico .y acolchado muy fino,le dan sensación de tacto suave y puede sentir la alta calidad y la fina mano de obra de esta funda.La funda está elaborada con una gran calidad y puede utilizarse como un práctico soporte.

€7.50 €9.50 - €2.00
VAT included

-Covering Protective synthetic leather made of textured Marbled, fine soft and elegant
-A Book cover book type with synthetic leather outside and velvety inside to protect the screen

-The Allows conversation without opening the front cover.
-Carcasa Fablicación plastic with high quality PVC.
-The Hole buttons, camera and flash etc on your exact location.
-Allows Full access to controls and connections without removing the case
-The Case is made with a high quality and can be used as a convenient stand to see your photos, movies and favorite series.

He opens and closes easily with magnetised closure.
-Design elegant, Fits perfectly to the shape of your mobile.
Easy to remove and replace.
-protection full and effective for all angles and screen.
-High Quality, soft, scratch-resistant and stroke, Slip